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Server Requirements
- Ioncube V5 and Higher.
- Php 5.6 and Higher.
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
Linux / cPanel Recommended.

Dentist Site Buy Now is a versatile site that is not limited to only Dental Surgeons. It is suitable for other surgical nursing homes and hospitals run by specialists such as dental general surgery and orthopedic hospitals, ophthalmologists, ENT and other surgical units.

Admin Panel Login Information
Username: demo
Password: demo

We even encoded php into the .htcacess file. :) In this way, you can change the page links from the panel as you wish.


- Dynamic slide insertion. (Adding title, description and button) + (If left blank, the button and text fields will not appear.) + (Entering separate colors for added articles)
- Video and image gallery feature.
- Unlimited top and bottom menu adding feature.
- New design improved contact page.
- 39 beautiful color options (Admin panel controlled)
- Determining site main meta words. (Title, Description, Keywords)
- Admin panel controlled specification for all dynamic and fixed pages. (Title, Description, Keywords)
- Header menus, add, delete and edit area from admin panel.
- All admin panel with SweetAlert alert windows. (Dynamic active alert window)
- Ability to actively passive all fields on the main page.
- Main page, all title and text areas editing from the admin panel.
- Full content management.
- Our Documents Module.
- Add Unlimited Service
- Unlimited Doctor Addition
- SMS notification to make admin active and passive. (Admin notification for Contact and Appointment.)
- MAIL notification (Contact admin notification.- Admin notification after appointment)
- Edit, add and delete from footer menus.
- Social media management.
- Adding footer link, editing, deleting.
- Full admin prepaid and simple to use.
- New Design Click-to-Call, Make an Appointment, Whatsapp Support Module (Active, passive feature.)
- Online appointment module in the New Design top menu (Active, passive feature.)
- You can check the demos for many features that we cannot count yet.

Buy Website What's Included?

Nobody makes custom websites that are coded from scratch anymore. Now people are turning to buying ready-made websites. One of the reasons for this is to buy one of the ready-made website packages to create wonders and go live in a short time. As we see, most people or people sell WordPress systems, these systems are not a system that we recommend or offer to our customers, as these systems are open source and have poor manageability. Our systems are based on PHP coded with PHP, javascript, html, and css. It provides convenience to your transactions with its easily manageable admin panel. All our websites are protected by the License system.

The following are the main services we offer, which are included in the Website Prices if you work with us;

    1. Ready website Setup
    2. Web Hosting (Web site Hosting) Economic SSD Hosting (1 Year)(1GB Storage Space, 100GB Web Traffic (MONTHLY) and Unlimited Corporate Mail Account (such as [email protected])
    3. Free SSL for life. Activation and Automatic Https Forwarding processes
    4. Adding Website to google (Google Search Console, analytics.google.com, google maps, google my workplace)
    5. Website Adding Whatsapp hotline
    6. The process of adding live support (Tawk.To) which is a must on the professional ready website (Tawk.To) Mobile application of Tawk.to can be downloaded to your mobile phone.
    7. The process of adding google maps to your websites
    8. Corporate Mail opening, (yourname.yoursiteaddress.com) example; [email protected]
    9. SMTP Settings, (When a request is created on your website, you will be notified by e-mail)
    10. Click here for all other website examples
    11. Domain allocation is free, valid for the first year. Only (com .net .org)

Domain Name fees in the following years are as follows;

    • Domain name renewal fee in 2021: 110 - 120 TL + VAT
    • Domain name renewal fee in 2022: 120 - 130 TL + VAT
    • Domain name renewal fee in 2023: 130 - 140 TL + VAT

These Prices may not change or the prices may decrease. The prices above are based on the maximum, 20.06.2021 prices are 111TL for .com


    • The cost of setting up a website includes all the services mentioned above.
    • If you are providing the server, your server must have the latest IONCUBE installed.
    • Contact forms will not work unless you enter SMTP information.
    kaaweb.com web hosting and domain name services web design has a long and experienced history of 6 years. kaaweb.com provides many additional services within the scope of internet services. Our Goal/Mission? We are discipline and solution oriented. In this context, we produce solutions to all questions and problems of our customers who have personal or corporate service. With our technical support team for years, we have aimed to provide the best quality and the smoothest service for you. We answer your every question and produce a solution for every problem. Problems solved, all support tickets answered and the fast and trouble-free service we have provided to you make us happy as long as you are satisfied.

Update Version History

- Photos were uploaded to the server optimized. (For example: 5MB photo uploaded to the server as 195KB.)
- Performance improvements have been made.
- Passed through security tests.

- Photos were uploaded to the server optimized. (For example: 5MB photo uploaded to the server as 195KB.)
- Performance improvements have been made.
- Passed through security tests.

- Photos were uploaded to the server optimized. (For example: 5MB photo uploaded to the server as 195KB.)
- Performance improvements have been made.
- Passed through security tests.

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