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Server Requirements
- Ioncube V5 and Higher.
- Php 5.6 and Higher.
- Apache Mod_Rewrite
Linux / cPanel Recommended.

After registration, you can activate by mail and browse the game content. (Don't forget to check your Spam Folder)

Welcome! You are browsing the demo of OGame Script Licensed by Yazilim.store.
Thank you for your interest. Do not hesitate to create a support ticket at https://yazilim.store/ for all the details you have in mind!

Scoreboard and other events are not active. You can get information about the events through our website. (All of them are automatic and work with Cronjob logic).

Event Detail - An Automated System! ---

1- Upgrades obtained from fleets sent to Arsenal Reconnaissance. ---

a- Arsenal --- DETAILED VIDEO ---

2- The section that can be upgraded with only anti-matter in the Academy of Armament, Defense, Mining, Energy and other factors. ---

b- Academy --- DETAILED VIDEO ---

3- The section obtained in Market Discovery missions and traded between players - Available on the planet market! ---


4- Auction Inventory items are put on sale at certain time intervals, and the one with the highest mine bid wins! ---

5- Upgrades from Inventory Missions! ---

6- Lottery has a certain user limit, it starts or does not start according to this limit. Admin determines the number! ---

7- The tournament becomes a weekly tournament. The system starts and finishes automatically and distributes the rewards. The prizes distributed (PRIDE) can be exchanged for Anti-item from this tab you have seen above.! ---

8- Space The Space part, which you have seen on the left, rises with participation in Explorations and Missions, in return, the antimatter gift comes. It can be activated and deactivated. ---

9- Achievements There are daily and general tasks, in this direction it gives antimatter gifts ---


--- Arsenal Enhanced System that can be obtained from the space event and sold in the market! ---

--- Advanced Batch Resource submission menu ---

--- When the Galaxy 7 Event starts, planets with different characteristics are formed in the 7th galaxy. SUPPORT Please create a support ticket for more information. ---

--- For resource management and other settings -> settings! ---

--- There are 8 languages ​​in the game, including Turkish. :)

--- Advanced OGame System ---

Universe configurations:

Maximum Colonies without Research: 30 and more can be set.
Campaign Research: every 2 levels = 1 more colony .. (more can be set.)
MAXIMUM Planets = 30 BASE PLANET + 15 + ACADEMY + eternity with EXPLORATION Technique
All Rights Reserved to Web Bilişim yazilim.store.
Premium fleet available
Premium can be activated at the beginning (when you specify) for New or Inexperienced Players. !!
Read more details

There are no bugs etc. in the system. However, some software developers have been experimenting on their own and we have supported many OGame sites before and we have saved them from these bugs. will be closed.

Buy Website What's Included?

Nobody makes custom websites that are coded from scratch anymore. Now people are turning to buying ready-made websites. One of the reasons for this is to buy one of the ready-made website packages to create wonders and go live in a short time. As we see, most people or people sell WordPress systems, these systems are not a system that we recommend or offer to our customers, as these systems are open source and have poor manageability. Our systems are based on PHP coded with PHP, javascript, html, and css. It provides convenience to your transactions with its easily manageable admin panel. All our websites are protected by the License system.

The following are the main services we offer, which are included in the Website Prices if you work with us;

    1. Ready website Setup
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    9. SMTP Settings, (When a request is created on your website, you will be notified by e-mail)
    10. Click here for all other website examples
    11. Domain allocation is free, valid for the first year. Only (com .net .org)

Domain Name fees in the following years are as follows;

    • Domain name renewal fee in 2021: 110 - 120 TL + VAT
    • Domain name renewal fee in 2022: 120 - 130 TL + VAT
    • Domain name renewal fee in 2023: 130 - 140 TL + VAT

These Prices may not change or the prices may decrease. The prices above are based on the maximum, 20.06.2021 prices are 111TL for .com


    • The cost of setting up a website includes all the services mentioned above.
    • If you are providing the server, your server must have the latest IONCUBE installed.
    • Contact forms will not work unless you enter SMTP information.
    kaaweb.com web hosting and domain name services web design has a long and experienced history of 6 years. kaaweb.com provides many additional services within the scope of internet services. Our Goal/Mission? We are discipline and solution oriented. In this context, we produce solutions to all questions and problems of our customers who have personal or corporate service. With our technical support team for years, we have aimed to provide the best quality and the smoothest service for you. We answer your every question and produce a solution for every problem. Problems solved, all support tickets answered and the fast and trouble-free service we have provided to you make us happy as long as you are satisfied.

Update Version History


Updates for purchasers before 20.01.2020

- [Language] Parts that do not work in language selections have been edited (January) - resolved.

- [Admin Panel] Unidentified variable: CONFIG - resolved.

- [User errors] Unexplained recycling errors (PHP) - resolved.

- [Admin Panel] Unexpected error in InactiveMailCronjob -> ',' - resolved.

- [User errors] Chat dropped issue - resolved.

- [User errors] Class \ 'Swift_SmtpTransport \' not found error - resolved.

-Defined offset: at merchant - resolved.

- [Magic iuss] summarized under attitudes about espionage - resolved.

- [Admin Panel] Ticket issue with blank theme - resolved.


For those who bought before December 18, 2019

Software Bug Update - Released


Updates for purchasers before 13.11.2019


- [Fleet missions] Recycler with full resource storage containing too many crystals and Team Battle lockup issue - resolved.

- [Fleet missions] Mine retention issue in the Alliance Depot - has been resolved.

- [Fleet missions] An (FC92) issue caused by Multiple Intergalactic missiles - has been resolved.

- [User errors] Facebook login was deactivated by facebook - removed from systems.

- [Fleet missions] No minimum flight time was observed on the screen - resolved.


Updates for purchasers before 13.11.2019


- [LANGUAGE] German "active users" issue - resolved.

- [Statistical] error, with users_amount = 0 in Configuration table - resolved.


Updates for purchasers before 03.10.2019


- [Feature request] Allow Planet Position - added.

- [Feature request] Alliances list when signing contract - added.

- [Admin Panel] Cronjob SQL error - resolved ..

- [Feature request] Replication of information in the battle report - added.

- [Alliance] Too much confusion in language added two types of contract keys (war and secret alliance) - resolved.

- [Feature request] Button to add queue - added.

- [Officers] confusion in the extra Dark Matter description - resolved.


Updates for purchasers before 24.05.2019


- [Admin Panel] Default Spelling Error - resolved.
- [Backup] Unknown configuration key language- resolved.
- [LANGUAGES] language class bug - resolved.
- [Eco system] Daily Cronjob locks error when using other table prefix - resolved.
- After closing [Admin Panel], the ticket can be answered - added.
- [Admin Panel] lock error with PHP: class mail redeclare problem- resolved.
- [user errors] undefined directory - resolved.
- Missing picture issue in [Alliance] ranks- has been resolved.
- [feature request] HTML editor problem - resolved.
- [Fleet missions] some fleet missions are not working - resolved.
- [feature request] dynamic remaining flight time - added.
- [Admin Panel] support system - resolved.
- [user errors] Settings-number spy probe- resolved.

Updates for buyers before 29.01.2019

- [Fleet missions] [fix] - resolved.
- [Alliance] missing on alliance homepage - resolved.
- [Admin Panel] Teamspeak-Cronjob lock - resolved.
- [feature request] Private Message Blocking - Added.
- [Admin Panel] user ban panel issue - resolved.
- [Language] Vac Mod typo - resolved.
- [Admin Panel] info page bug - resolved.
- Incorrect text in [alliance] alliance view member - resolved.
- [Eco system] better buildings page - added.
- [Eco System] as different encoding (always UTF-8) between PHP scripts - resolved.
- [user errors] switcher pages not working - resolved.
- [Fleet missions] Dark Matter Research issue - resolved.
- [Admin Panel] admin logs track player info - Added.
- [feature request] building queue update - added.

Updates for purchasers before 07.12.2018

- [Admin Panel] cache Clearing does not work properly (Jan) - resolved.
- [Admin Panel] file custom.php, overwriting the admin values ​​of language keys - resolved.
- [Admin Panel] incorrect decrease in numbers - resolved.
- [Fleet missions] Recycle missions fail with max moved resources - resolved

Updates for purchasers before 21.05.2018

- [Server] Consumption - Reduced.
- [System] Month list issue for teleportation - resolved.
- [Fleets (Missions)] Task assignment - resolved.
- [Design] Tooltip more consumption issue for Server and Universe - resolved.
- [Fleets (Missions]] new version 4.6 added -

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