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What is an E-commerce Website and How Does It Work?
Looking back, the '90s looks very outdated now. Twenty years have passed since then, and it has become a kind of peaceful memory that we keep in our treasure chests. In sepia colors, our chunky TV monitor awaits us to remember a Saturday full of cartoons, an afternoon spent talking on our wired phones with our best friends until dinner and random days with our friends outside, just laughing and teasing. It was very thin and sweet. There are days when we look at our computers wondering what else this machine can do. Is there anything more than writing our school papers here? Why can't we use our phones while searching on the internet? It was the era of the transition to the modern world where the Internet was accessible to almost everyone on the planet.

A lot has happened in this important age that has shaped the world we are in today. Look around and see that everything is at hand. Everything is just a click away! Do you need to book a hotel? Would you like to book a meal for two? Would you like to pay your employees without sending checks? Everything is online and the possibilities are endless. One of the many exciting things we can do now is E-commerce.

We hear that e-commerce is dropping all over the digital world, and many people see it as the future of retail. But what is an e-commerce website and how does it work? If you have an e-commerce business or are planning to start one, here's a quick guide to creating e-commerce websites that attract profits and do repeat business.

What is an e-commerce website?
E-commerce or electronic commerce refers to a business model that includes sales transactions made on the web. Almost every online shopping site - large or small - follows this structure. Any site where you can buy products for online sales is considered an e-commerce site.

The grandparents of e-commerce, Ebay and Amazon, paved the way for a newer and more convenient shopping route. In fact, they are not old enough to be called grandparents, but higher levels of respect are implied there. Of course, online trading has been a thing before, but thanks to these companies, the e-commerce website has become an easier and more preferred platform for many consumers.

People were very skeptical about using these sites to buy their stuff, as they were prone to fraudulent activities and fraud schemes. It is still evident to this day, but developers are creating solutions for people's better shopping experience. Examples of these solutions are reviews, return policy, and cash on delivery. These features help consumers decide whether to buy products from an e-commerce website.

One of the obvious differences between an e-commerce website and a regular business or company website is in the features it supports. A company website can contain information about the brand's products and services so users need to contact the company directly if they want to do business with them. Meanwhile, an e-commerce website is pretty much the way a physical store works. Users can purchase items, arrange delivery and payments on the same site without having to call a person to assist with their order. As you begin to learn how to create ecommerce website content, you will find that setting up an online store is a bit more complicated than a regular website, due to the features and design elements required by the old.

There are many e-commerce websites currently selling various products. From clothing items to foodstuffs and garden supplies, it must be creative to make his brand more unique than the other. Even social media accounts are becoming e-commerce platforms and today they are being developed as e-commerce websites. The only difference is that on an e-commerce website, you don't have to deal with a human to be able to pick up and deliver your items to your door. An e-commerce website should be as functional as it is with or without owners or managers to monitor the site and engage with their customers every second of the day.

How to create an e-commerce website
There are two ways to create e-commerce websites: First, plan what you want to see on your website and then get a professional website developer to handle the project for you; The other way is to use a free e-commerce website builder. There is no right or wrong way to create an online store. It all depends on your budget and how much time you want to spend on this task.

If you want to go the DIY route and use a site builder, the first step is to find the best ecommerce website builder for small businesses. Creating your website on your own is scared

cu may sound, but one of the best innovations the programming world has shared with us are website builders. If you are concerned about the look of your site, you can choose from e-commerce website templates to suit your brand.

If you want to immerse your toes in the world of e-commerce but are hesitant about making a big investment, Bilisim Store can help you set up your online store for free. The website e-commerce platform called Simple Store is even available for free accounts. When you're ready to dive in and sell more products, this site builder can help you scale up with even more options on paid accounts.


Deciding on the product to sell

The next step is to decide what product you want to sell. Your choice depends on many factors such as what kind of products you are interested in, what is in demand in your chosen market niche, how complicated it is to procure the product or make it yourself, and how difficult it is to own your items. delivered to your customers. While you are already sure which products to sell, you need to do your market research, identify your target audience and find out what their needs and challenges are so you can provide the product that responds to their concerns.

Once you have all these set up, you can continue to design the e-commerce website and plan the content.

Website content creation

When it comes to creating ecommerce websites, there are best practices you should follow to ensure the success of your new venture.

You want to make sure you use high-quality product images to help users decide whether your product is suitable for their needs. It will really help if you can add action shots or photos of the products used and different angles for each.
You also want to provide detailed product descriptions to help users make informed decisions about your product. This is essential for every e-commerce website. Whenever possible, include a detailed description of your item's color, dimensions, and functionality. This helps you appeal when there are "not as described" comments or reasons for a return.
Terms and conditions are vital to every business. This protects both the buyer and seller from any fraudulent schemes. Add your return policy and payment method options where they are easily visible. Some e-commerce websites put their policies on checkout pages just before a customer pays for a product.
There are some laws that require retail businesses to price all their products. This reduces unnecessary interactions between consumers and suppliers and thus makes it easier for customers to purchase their products in a few clicks.
Live chat
As well as our goal of reducing consumer-supplier interaction, there should be a live chat feature available on your website for them to contact you directly when they are stuck placing an order or have queries about the product. .
Tracking number
Every transaction must generate a code to follow. Place a feature on your e-commerce website that can show the status of their orders. This provides your customer with favorable expectations and a better shopping experience.
Always prioritize user experience, making it easy for your potential customers to complete purchases in just a few clicks. The information they are looking for should also be available on your website. The information you get from your customers should be as minimal and necessary as possible to make it a smooth and reliable experience.

Online shopping has gotten better over the years. Due to its development, more and more people feel more confident about online trading. Ready to sell online? Create your own e-commerce website today.

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